School Bus Tracking is a location based service that helps you to track the location of school bus anytime, anywhere. Educational institutes across the country are steadily adopting this service for safety and security of children. Our State of Art Tracking system is specially designed for schools to manage fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses.


Track your vehicles with our fleet tracking solutions and loacte their actual and historical positions. Fleet operators can use our software to monitor fleet in real time using mobile and web based applications. Solution provides real time vehicle tracking, reports and notifications. This helps in managing the transport operations and optimize the fuel efficiency and operational costs.

Fleet Surveillance

In order to provide the safety and Security features for fleets, Safeplanet provides best in class surveillance solutions which includes high end cameras, mobile DVRs and recording platform. It is a 3G enabled platform which allows you to monitor the fleet in real time from mobile and web based app.

Real Time Tracking

Notification on SMS and Mobile App

Complaints and Feedbacks

Register your Feedback and complaints

Locate your Vehicle

Exact location of vehicle on map

Email/ SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts for Pick-Up/Drop Arrival

Admin/ Parent App

Parents can access with mobile app

Bus schedule and info

Manage your vehicle schedule and Information

Route Adherence

Continuous update about the route followed by Vehicle